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WSJ/NBC Survey: Joe Biden Is 8% Ahead Of Donald Trump

WSJ/NBC Survey: Joe Biden Is 8% Ahead Of Donald Trump

According to a recent survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal together with NBC News, the leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, is ahead of the current U.S. President Donald Trump by 8% of potential voters.

The balance of power in the race for the presidency has remained virtually unchanged throughout the year. In August, Mr. Biden was nine percentage points ahead of his competitor, in July - 11 percentage points, and his advantage has never been reduced to less than six percentage points. Now 51% of Americans are ready to vote for the former vice president, while 43% of respondents are ready to vote for Mr. Trump.

That was the last WSJ/NBC poll before a series of debates between two candidates started. The first of them will take place on September 29. However, the majority of respondents say that they have already decided on their choice, and the debate will not harm it significantly (more than 70% of respondents said so) or will not affect at all (44%).

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