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Trump Approved The Acquisition Of TikTok By Oracle Corporation

Trump Approved The Acquisition Of TikTok By Oracle Corporation

US President Donald Trump said he gave his "blessing" to the deal between Oracle and ByteDance to acquire Tiktok. According to him, the terms of the agreement solve the problems of US national security. The new joint venture will be based in Texas. Earlier, Mr. Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the terms of the deal.

"I think it will be a fantastic deal," the US President said (quoted by AFP).— I blessed the deal. If they do it, it's fine, if they don't, it's fine too."

TikTok representatives announced that they have agreed to a third-party audit, code security review, and data security oversight in the United States. According to them, the deal with Oracle will be concluded in partnership with Walmart.

The US Department of Commerce postponed the planned ban on downloading the TikTok app from September 20 until the end of September 27.

On August 7, Donald Trump signed a decree "on combating the TikTok threat." It claimed that Chinese apps threaten US security, foreign policy, and the economy. Mr. Trump has given US companies 45 days to terminate deals with Chinese companies. At the same time, he previously said that if TikTok is sold to an American company, the service will be able to continue working in the United States.

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