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TikTok Has Filed A Lawsuit Against The Trump Administration

TikTok Has Filed A Lawsuit Against The Trump Administration

Video creation service TikTok and its parent company ByteDance (China) have complained to the Federal court about the intentions of the administration of US President Donald Trump to ban the app, Bloomberg reports. The lawsuit was filed on Friday, September 18.

TikTok believes that Mr. Trump exceeded his authority and did so for political reasons, and not because the app poses a threat to the United States. The company also said that the actions of the US authorities violate the first amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and the media.

On August 7, Donald Trump signed a decree "on combating the TikTok threat." It claimed that Chinese apps threaten US security, foreign policy, and the economy. Mr. Trump has given US companies 45 days to terminate deals with Chinese companies. At the same time, he previously said that if TikTok is sold to an American company, the service will be able to continue working in the United States. From September 20, WeChat and TikTok will be banned in the United States. Americans who have already installed the app will be able to use it, but stability is no longer guaranteed.

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