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Putin: The US Forced Russia To Create Hypersonic Weapons

Putin: The US Forced Russia To Create Hypersonic Weapons

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia has the most advanced weapons that other countries do not have. According to him, Washington forced Moscow to start creating hypersonic weapons after withdrawing from the Treaty on the limitation of anti-missile defense systems (ABM).

The ABM Treaty was signed in 1972 between the United States and the USSR. Washington withdrew from it unilaterally in 2002 by the decision of US President George W. Bush.

"The us withdrawal from the ABM Treaty in 2002 forced Russia to start developing hypersonic weapons. We had to create these weapons in response to the deployment of the US strategic missile DEFENSE system, which in the future would be able to actually neutralize, reset our entire nuclear potential, "Mr. Putin said at a meeting with Herbert Efremov, former General Director and honorary General designer of the military-industrial complex NPO Mashinostroenie. The event was held via video link.

The President awarded Mr. Efremov the order of St. Andrew the first-called with swords for developing the Avangard hypersonic unit. According to the head of state, the work on this complex is comparable to the scale of the Soviet nuclear project. "Now, for the first time in our recent history, Russia has the most modern types of weapons, which are many times superior in strength, power, speed, which is very important, in the accuracy, to all existing and existing today," Mr. Putin said. According to the President, for decades the country had to be "in the role of catching up". "In fact, there were moments when we were threatened, but we had nothing to respond with," the head of state said.

Earlier today, on September 19, US President Donald Trump accused Russia of stealing hypersonic missile technology. According to him, it was created based on materials stolen from the administration of former US President Barack Obama. Mr. Trump claims that the US now has a different missile that the leaders of China and Russia, XI Jinping and Vladimir Putin, will envy.

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