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The US Authorities Will Ban TikTok And WeChat Downloads On The Territory Of The Country From September 20

The US Authorities Will Ban TikTok And WeChat Downloads On The Territory Of The Country From September 20

The US authorities will ban downloading Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat on the territory of the country from September 20, according to Reuters, citing representatives of the US Department of Commerce.

According to them, the US authorities will issue an order to Apple, Google, and others to remove Chinese apps from platforms available in the US. However, this requirement will not apply outside the United States. It is expected that the order may be issued later on Friday.

It's worth noting that the US authorities will not force American users of TikTok and WeChat to stop using applications, but will not allow them to install updates.

"The United States can lift the ban on downloading TikTok if President Donald trump approves a deal to allocate American assets to TikTok," the representatives of the Ministry of trade added.

On Thursday, the media reported that the Chinese ByteDance (owner of TikTok) plans to hold an IPO of TikTok Global in the United States if an agreement is reached on the entry of an American company into the service as a minority shareholder. At the same time, it was previously reported that the American Oracle and ByteDance would create a new company TikTok Global with headquarters in the United States, where Oracle will be a minority shareholder, and ByteDance — the majority, and on Thursday, according to media reports, both companies and the US Treasury previously agreed on the terms of the purchase of TikTok assets.

The US administration accuses TikTok of allowing the app to transmit American data to Chinese authorities. Its owner, ByteDance, denies this. Meanwhile, Trump in August signed Executive orders "on combating the TikTok threat" and" on combating the WeChat threat," in which he gave about a month to stop any transactions with ByteDance in the US jurisdiction.

The deadline expires on September 20. The second bidder for its acquisition, Microsoft, said that ByteDance refused to enter into a deal with it. And the media, citing sources, write that official Beijing opposes the sale of TikTok assets in the United States, believing that it is better to let the app be banned in the States.

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