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Duty-Free Creator Charles Feeney Gave A Fortune To Charity

Duty-Free Creator Charles Feeney Gave A Fortune To Charity

Charles Feeney had an unusual dream for billionaires — to give away his entire fortune to charity. He went to her for many years and, according to Forbes, at the age of 89, officially became bankrupt, signing documents on the closure of his charitable organization Atlantic Philanthropies. The founder of Duty-Free has been making donations for about 40 years, during which time he has given more than $8 billion to various charities, as well as universities. For a long time, Feeney kept his activities secret and made transfers on the condition of anonymity, which earned him the nickname "James bond of philanthropy."

"We have learned a lot. Some things could have been done differently, but I am happy with the result," Forbes quotes the entrepreneur. By the way, it was Feeney who inspired bill gates and Warren Buffett in 2010 to launch the "gift Oath" campaign, calling on billionaires to give their earned money to good causes.

It is known that $2 million Charles Feeney "saved himself and his wife for retirement." The entrepreneur founded Duty-Free Shoppers, a company that helped him make a fortune in 1960 with Robert Miller.

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