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Venezuela's Largest Supertanker Has Switched To The Russian Flag

Venezuela's Largest Supertanker Has Switched To The Russian Flag

The largest oil tanker previously operated in Venezuela, at the end of May, went under the Russian flag, receiving the name "Maxim Gorky," according to the materials of the Equasis database of sea vessels.

The ship has been operating in Venezuela since 2013 under the name Ayacucho but was renamed Maxim Gorky on May 1, 2020. As follows from the database, since June 1 of this year, the tanker runs under the flag of the Russian Federation.

According to the documents of the Russian international register, at the end of May, the tanker was registered in the Russian Federation, and the Russian river register of shipping (RRRS) issued a certificate of classification to the vessel on August 20.

According to the Equasis database, under the flag of Venezuela, the ship was owned by one registered owner. Now in the Russian Federation, the owner has become a commercial owner. The company name is not specified in the database.

The Maxim Gorky tanker (IMO number 6159470) is the largest currently operating in Russia. It has a VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) class with a deadweight of 320.8 thousand tons. According to industry resources, before that, the largest tankers in the Russian Federation were the floating oil storage facilities "Umba "with a deadweight of 300 thousand tons and "Kola" with a deadweight of 309 thousand tons.

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