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The Russian Embassy Demanded An Explanation From The US For The NBC Report

The Russian Embassy Demanded An Explanation From The US For The NBC Report

The Russian Embassy in Washington demanded an explanation from the US authorities about the NBC report, which mentions US support for "Ukrainian units" in Crimea, according to the diplomatic mission's Facebook page.

The Embassy drew attention to the fact that in a report dated September 14, 2020, some officials in the United States considered such actions by Moscow as a response to Washington's support for these Ukrainian units. "Unnamed US officials talk about their country's support for terrorist activities in third countries. In this case, we are talking about Russia. If this is true (and not the geographical short-sightedness of the channel), then we demand that the American side explain whether Washington directly or indirectly assisted the SBU in organizing terrorist attacks against the people of Crimea," the Embassy said in a statement.

"Ukrainian units in Crimea" are mentioned by the TV channel against the background of unconfirmed attempts attributed to Moscow by the US press to offer the Afghan military a reward for the murder of American soldiers. According to the TV channel, Moscow thus responded to the support of Ukrainian units in the Crimea.

The New York Times (NYT) reported on June 26 that Russian intelligence agencies allegedly offered Afghan militants a reward for killing American soldiers. According to anonymous NYT sources, a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered a reward to militants associated with the Taliban (banned in Russia) for killing US military personnel in Afghanistan. The White House denies that it ever received the intelligence reported in the NYT material.

Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication, expressed regret that the world's authoritative media do not shun "ducks," and called the claim of "collusion" with the Taliban a lie.

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