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Saudi Arabia Has Enough Uranium Ore To Produce Nuclear Fuel

Saudi Arabia Has Enough Uranium Ore To Produce Nuclear Fuel

The Guardian has reviewed confidential documents compiled in 2019 by Chinese geologists who worked for Saudi Arabia and searched for uranium ore in the country's interior. It is reported that experts from the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, the National Nuclear Corporation of China, together with representatives of the Saudi Geological Society, discovered reserves from which theoretically it is possible to produce up to 90 thousand tons of uranium.

The primary deposits of uranium ore are located in three deposits in the center and North-West of the country. However, the reports of Chinese geologists say that these reserves are assumed, so further research is required to determine them more accurately, as well as the cost of development.

Experts interviewed by the Guardian believe that if the reserves of uranium ore in Saudi Arabia are really sufficient and suitable for the production of nuclear fuel, this will allow the country to start building not only its own nuclear power plants but also to think about its own nuclear weapons program. "If you want to develop your nuclear weapons program, the more elements of this program will be located on the territory of your country, the better, Mark Hibbs, senior researcher on nuclear program policy at the Carnegie Endowment, told the British newspaper.— In some cases, suppliers of uranium may require its buyers to give obligations for its purely peaceful use. But if you have uranium of your own production, you don't need to think about such restrictions."

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