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More Than 40 Thousand People Died From Coronavirus In The United States

More Than 40 Thousand People Died From Coronavirus In The United States

In the United States, 40,265 patients died from the effects of COVID-19 coronavirus infection, according to data from the Worldometer website as of Sunday evening.

The total number of people infected in the United States is more than 757 thousand people, almost 70 thousand of them have recovered.

The most severe situation in the country is still in the state of New York, where about a third of all cases in the United States were detected - 247,215 people. At the same time, new York Governor Andrew Cuomo noted that the daily number of deaths in the state continues to decline. According to him, 507 patients with coronavirus died there on April 18.

During a press conference on Sunday, the Governor noted that the curve showing the level of hospitalization is also decreasing. Now there are more than 16 thousand people in hospitals in the state.

"If the data is correct and if this trend continues, we have already passed the highest point, and all indicators at the moment show that we are declining. Everything will depend on our actions," he said.

Cuomo said that next week in New York state will be "very actively" conducted tests for antibodies, tests will be taken from several thousand people.

"This will show us for the first time what percentage of the population is infected with the coronavirus, and at least for a short time is immune to this virus," Cuomo said.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump estimated the total number of deaths from COVID-19 at about 60 thousand people.

Despite that the United States continues to occupy the first place in the world in the number of both infected and dead, the White House on Thursday evening presented a three-stage plan to remove anti-virus restrictions in the country and return to normal economic activity.

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