Amazon's Quest 2 premium bundle costs $249 and includes free shipping

Amazon's Quest 2 premium bundle costs $249 and includes free shipping ...

Amazon has been selling used and refurbished electronics for a while now, but is now considering a new offering called "Renewed Premium." These items are certified by the manufacturer to ensure that they look and perform like new ones. They also come with new accessories and new batteries, and are covered with a one-year warranty.

Right now, you may get this bundle, which comes with a VR headset, a carrying case, and an additional foam replacement, for $249. Normally, the Quest 2 is priced on its own, without any of these additional equipment.

During the holidays, we began to see, which you can actually still get right now. Unless money is tight, the Amazon bundle is a better option, however. It has twice the storage and some extras for just $50 more. That local storage will be fantastic to have once you understand how fun some of these games are and begin trying others.

Scott Stein of CNET calls it one of his favorite game consoles in our full Quest 2 review and advises it at the price, saying:

The $299 all-in price is still non trivial. Despite the relatively low cost of most gadgets, the recent upgrade in the included storage is a good addition.

These consoles are currently available for preorder at Amazon with a release date of February 15. Get your order in now, so you may keep an eye on that reduced pricing before it will inevitably sell out.

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