Every Rumor We've Found So Far About Apple's iMac 27-inch 2022

Every Rumor We've Found So Far About Apple's iMac 27-inch 2022 ...

The M1 iMac's 24-inch design provided a slim, flat, iPad Pro-like appearance. Will the smaller brother do away with the convex back?

Along with the, it's almost certain a will arrive in 2022: Both are the last Intel-based Apples standing before hitting its to complete the transition from third-party processors to its own silicon.

While we don't know many details, my guess is a fresh model will be announced at the annual Apple, which usually takes place in early June. If there are any new or unique capabilities that Apple intends to include with the annual operating system update, software developers must be the first to know.

When will the next iMac be announced?

Although the first Apple event will take place in early March, Ross Young, a usually spot-on display expert, believes it will be expected to debut between June and August, since he.

We no longer anticipate the Apple iMac Pro to launch in the spring, as we said in today's DSCC Weekly. It looks more like the summer. With a MiniLED backlight, there are still less MiniLEDs/zones than in the iPad and MacBook Pro.

I believe that later timing, whatever the reason, makes more sense because a significant overhaul for a higher-end system like this will not align with Apple's usual early-in-the-year announcements. There are always new features in the operating system that Apple likes to highlight at WWDC, and it'll likely desire a flagship system such this to show them off.

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Which type of screen will it be, and how large will it be?

According to Young, the initial statements of a mini-LED-backlit display, the same type Apple's adopted for many of its other products, and, remain unchanged. This is with a maximum 120Hz refresh rate.

I've seen some scattered moaning about "fewer zones" for the backlight, since this means less granular control over local dimming in HDR, which is therefore a potentially worse experience. However, some really bright LED backlights of 1,000 nits or more generate a lot of heat. This is because to be able to cool the display (asand all Apple's other heat-generating components) and keep it thin, and it would likely cost upwards of $4,999.

For the time being, though initial projections indicated the height of 32 inches (like the Pro Display XDR)

Will the present model be an iMac Pro?

The concept of a large, revamped iMac is somewhat odd. It's possible that a new 27-inch iMac will simply be branded "iMac Pro" to distinguish it from its 24-inch entry-level sibling. That might make sense. There's no longer a MacBook, for example, but the MacBook Pros. (It's also possible that Apple might label its update as "MacBook" and make the iMac subject matter moot.)

Given MacRumors' expectation that whatever it's called will include chips which launched with the in late 2021, the door remains open for an even higher-end Pro model with the earlier rumored 32-inch screen and possibly whatever CPU and GPU combos of Apple silicon end up in an. The original in 2021.

What other things will we expect?

There have been no further design concerns, or other features, as well as strong rumors about it coming in various colors like the iMac 24. It's a good bet that it will. After all, Apple secured one of the 24-inch iMac.

It's nice to see a smarter design with, for example, a couple of Thunderbolt ports and a SD card reader on the side, a method to increase and decrease the screen (maybe even swivel or rotate!), an HDMI connection, user-friendly memory, and Face ID support. However, I don't expect any of that.

When and how much does it matter?

If the announcement is made around June, it might be close to when the new operating system is available. Young tentatively. I can't even hazard anyone else a guess because until we know more about the components and capabilities.

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