US Senators Have Proposed Allocating $500 Billion To Fight COVID-19

US Senators Have Proposed Allocating $500 Billion To Fight COVID-19 ...

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy and Democratic Senator Bob Menendez propose that the US government use a $ 500 billion fund in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic as part of a new stimulus package. According to a press release from the senators, their bill "provides each eligible entity with additional funding, increases flexibility for states and local governments to use funds to make up for revenue losses due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and directs additional funding to coronavirus hotspots to fight the pandemic head-on." "We have worked hard to make sure that state and local governments can support the basic services needed for the survival of employees and employers. We must protect the financial future of Americans, " Cassidy said. In turn, Menendez noted: "As a former mayor, I understand the incredible toll of fighting this pandemic in cities, towns, and States on the front lines to fight this war and continue to support their local health departments, pay teachers and emergency workers, repair roads, and maintain parks." The Cassidy and Menendez bill came in response to calls from the National Governors Association (NGA), led by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and new York Governor Andrew Cuomo, to provide more resources to States in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said during a press conference at the White House on Sunday that Republicans are "close" to striking a deal with Democrats on another legislative package that will help mitigate the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. At a white house briefing, the President suggested that a decision could be made by Monday. The United States continues to rank first in the world in the number of patients and deaths from COVID-19. According to calculations by Johns Hopkins University, the country has so far confirmed 755,533 cases of coronavirus infection, 40,461 people have died, and 67,172 have been cured. The website Worldometers reports 763 083 infected COVID-19, 40 dead and 70 495 806 recovered.

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