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Apple Has Introduced The Sixth-Generation Apple Watch

Apple Has Introduced The Sixth-Generation Apple Watch

Apple introduced on Tuesday the sixth generation of the Apple Watch, broadcast on the company's website.

For the second time, due to the coronavirus pandemic, new products are presented in the form of video presentations without the presence of guests in the hall.

Watch, as expected by observers, became the main theme of the presentation, the slogan of which the company chose the words "Time Flies."

The new Apple Watch Series 6, as expected, received the function of monitoring the level of oxygen in the user's blood and the duration of sleep, they can count the seconds necessary for high-quality hand washing. Also, according to the company, the new product will be "the most colorful" and bright in its history. The new product, according to its creators, will be 20% more powerful than the previous model, will get a brighter screen.

The watch, as told in Apple, received a "family use" function, specially designed for children who do not yet have their own iPhone. With its help, parents can control the time that the child spends studying, monitor his location, and monitor the circle of people with whom he communicates.

The new product, which comes with several new bracelets, will be available for pre-order on Tuesday for $399 and will go on sale on September 18.

For those who are not ready to overpay for a new device, Apple has introduced a new series of Apple Watch SE at $279. According to the company, the new budget version, which will be the successor to the Apple Watch Series 3, contains all the basic and latest features of the Apple Watch at a more affordable price.

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