The MLB and the union meet on Saturday, but the agreement is still troubling

The MLB and the union meet on Saturday, but the agreement is still troubling ...

The football season closes on Sunday, but it isnt like that the baseball season will begin on Monday.

A brief meeting between Major League Baseball and the union on Saturday for its players seemed to undermine any intentions for a spring training agreement.

Since December 1, the league has locked out players, and a few meetings have shown little signs of progress.

Spring training was originally scheduled to begin within the next few days, but it is not realistic. Each day that passes puts the March 31 opening day in jeopardy.

The MLB commissioner, who promises to make a good-faith, competitive offer, has praised the league.

While reports suggest that the league made minimal changes in the direction of the players, the.

According to the sluggishness of a minimum wage, the league offered two ways of raising the minimum wage, a modest increase in their arbitration-eligible salary pool and a modest increase in their luxury tax threshold.

The players will review the entire proposal, but it wasnt clear when or if they would offer their next counterproposal.

How long can it take to maintain the regular season before it stops?

It won't take long.

The March 1 might be the first, but it's very likely that every player might arrive in camp almost immediately.

A week earlier -- February 21 -- would be a much longer time limit, but even this would require a quick spring training.

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