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Global Tourist Flows In The First Half Of The Year Collapsed By 65% Due To COVID-19

Global Tourist Flows In The First Half Of The Year Collapsed By 65% Due To COVID-19

The volume of tourist trips that citizens of different countries made outside their countries in the first half of 2020 showed an unprecedented decrease of 65%, according to the website of the World Tourism Organization at the United Nations (UNWTO).

The site mentions that international tourist flows in June 2020 fell by 93% compared to 2019. That was the result of the serious impact of COVID-19 on this sector.

"According to the new issue of the world tourism Barometer, a specialized Agency at the United Nations, international tourist flows decreased by 65% in the first half of the year. Such an unprecedented decline in volumes occurred as countries around the world closed their borders and imposed travel restrictions in response to the pandemic," the report said.

UNWTO recalled that in recent weeks, more and more countries had reopened popular tourist destinations for foreign tourists. As of early September, 53% of destinations had relaxed travel restrictions.

"The sharp and sudden decline in the number of foreign tourists has put millions of jobs and businesses in different countries at risk. According to the UNWTO, economic losses due to the massive drop in demand for international travel between January and June 2020 amounted to approximately $460 billion. That is about five times more than the loss in revenue from international tourism recorded in 2009 against the background of the global economic and financial crisis. The number of tourists traveling outside their countries has decreased by 440 million people during this time," the UNWTO commented on the situation.

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