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Alexey Navalny Got In Touch On Instagram

Alexey Navalny Got In Touch On Instagram

Since August 22, Alexey Navalny has been undergoing treatment at the Charite clinic in Berlin. There he was taken from Omsk after he became ill on the plane-the Board made an emergency landing, the politician was given first aid at the ramp. Later, the clinic published a press release stating that Alexey had symptoms of "poisoning with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors."

On September 10, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that Alexey had fully recovered after being brought out of a medical coma and that his condition was "better than one would expect in such a situation." Doctors said that Alexey's mental state is almost normal, and physically he will be able to recover at least 90%.

On September 15, Navalny's first Instagram post appeared on His behalf. "Hi, this is Navalny. Miss you. I still can't do much, but yesterday I was able to breathe all day on my own. Do yourself. I didn't use any outside help, even the simplest valve in my throat. I really liked it. An amazing, underestimated by many processes. I recommend it," the founder of the anti-corruption Foundation wrote, also posting a photo surrounded by his family.

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