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Is There Going To Be 'Away' Season 2 On Netflix?

Is There Going To Be 'Away' Season 2 On Netflix?

Have you ever dreaming of flying to Mars? If so, you no doubt have watched a new sci-fi web series "Away," premiered on September 4, 2020, on Netflix. And those of you who finished watching the sci-fi series are likely wondering whether there will be "Away" Season 2 on Netflix.

It's worth mentioning that "Away" has received mixed yet positive reviews. On Metacritic, the web series holds a score of 59/100 and 5.0/10 among critics/viewers, respectively. At the same time, on Rotten Tomatoes, the sci-fi drama has a score of 6.13/10 and a 62% approval rating from critics, while viewers have rated "Away" at 3.45 out of 5, providing a 62% rating as well. Meanwhile, a popularity score of the new Netflix series on IMDb is 6.5/10 based on about 9,000 votes.

Netflix has yet to announce its decision concerning the future of the sci-fi series "Away." However, given the data presented above, I have every reason to believe that "Away" Season 2 is just a matter of time. As a rule, Netflix picks up much worse series for another installment. In the case with "Away," the numbers look above average.

"Away" centers on a mission to Mars undertaken by an international crew. Among the cosmonauts, there is a chemist from China, a Russian astronaut who has broad experience, a medical officer from India, a botanist from the UK, as well as Emma Green, a US astronaut, who leads the team. The mission starts from the Moon, and it should last for three years. It's worth noting that most crew members doubt Emma's ability to take action in crises. "Away" Season 1 consists of ten episodes.

"Away" Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix has yet to announce "Away" Season 2. However, in the case of renewal, it takes not less than a year to produce another installment of the sci-fi series. In my opinion, given the data of a vast majority of the Netflix webs series, we might expect "Away" Season 2 next fall, in September 2021. However, also worth noting that over the past years, Netflix used to split a full season into two parts. In such a case, we could expect "Away" Season 2 premiere someday this winter, I guess, about January 2020. So, track the Entertainment section on We'll keep you informed when the "Away" Season 2 release date is announced.

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