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NYT Reported On Navalny's Plans To Return To Russia

NYT Reported On Navalny's Plans To Return To Russia

The founder of the Fund of struggle against corruption, Alexei Navalny, who is on treatment in Germany, discussed his poisoning with the German Prosecutor said he plans to return to Russia, the NYT reports, citing a source in the German security authorities.

According to the source, Navalny is fully aware of his condition, what happened, and where he is. In a conversation with the Prosecutor, he refused a joint investigation of his case by Germany and Russia. Navalny said that he plans to return to Russia immediately after recovery and continue his mission, the newspaper notes.

On September 11, investigators announced that they were preparing an additional request to the German authorities to participate in the investigation of the Navalny case. On September 14, the Prosecutor General's office sent a new request to Germany asking for information and copies of documents related to the treatment of the founder of FBK.

On September 14, the German government reported that laboratories in France and Sweden had checked the results of Navalny's examination received by German specialists and concluded that He had been poisoned by Novichok. At the same time, Russian experts found no traces of this poison in Navalny's body after 60 biochemical examinations. The Prosecutor General's office sent a request to the German Ministry of justice to provide the results of Navalny's survey on August 27 but has not yet received a response. Later, the German Prosecutor General's office said that it would provide the necessary information only with the permission of Navalny himself.

Navalny lost consciousness on August 20 during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow. He was taken to a hospital in Omsk, where he stayed for two days. Local experts did not find any traces of poisoning in his tests. On August 22, he was transferred to the Charite clinic in Berlin. On September 7, Navalny's condition improved: he was disconnected from the ventilator and brought out of an artificial coma. On September 15, the clinic's doctors reported that he was already able to get up from his hospital bed.

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