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Conor McGregor Was Arrested For Indecent Behavior While On Vacation With His Family

Conor McGregor Was Arrested For Indecent Behavior While On Vacation With His Family

It's only been a little over a month since the Irish fighter proposed to his girlfriend, Dee Devlin. Dee and Conor's path to the altar was long and thorny-12 years long. On Instagram, everyone congratulated the athlete under a selfie with the newly-made bride, in which she shows off a luxurious engagement ring (according to our conservative estimates, 3 carats minimum).

They decided to celebrate the engagement on the coast of Corsica and went with their children on a trip to the Mediterranean, which took an unexpected turn. On September 10, the wrestler was taken to the local gendarmerie — a complaint was filed against McGregor, which condemned his "actions that can be described as an attempt to assault a sexual nature and demonstrate sexual behavior."

According to the Daily Mail, the athlete was interrogated for 48 hours and then released. According to the source, the incident occurred in a Corsican bar on September 6. Representatives of the fighter deny his guilt, Conor himself has not yet commented on what happened. "I am angry, and I want to make it clear to everyone that Conor McGregor is not and will not be a target for anyone who wants to make headlines or get paid," his MMA Fighting Manager is quoted as saying.

UFC President Dana White also commented on the scandal: "I Don't know all the details about Conor's situation. I've read the same things as you, and I know the same things. Conor ended his career. I didn't talk to him. I'm sure he doesn't need my advice or my help. But if necessary, he can always call. Why does he get into such stories? You won't realize how big a man he is until you walk with him. People go crazy and run after him. They leave money on the gaming tables and run after him. That is crazy; I've never seen anything like it. In this situation, crazy things happen all the time. You try to be normal, but it doesn't work. At the same time, I'm not defending Conor, I don't know his situation," he said at a press conference after the UFC Fight Night 177 tournament.

Conor's reputation as a decent family man is being undermined in the media constantly. A year ago, a certain Terri Murray said that in 2017, she gave birth to the athlete's daughter. In the spring of 2019, McGregor was already detained on charges of harassment, and in October of the same year, he was accused of rape. Then the girl, who chose to remain anonymous, told the New York Times that in December 2018, she was the victim of violence by an athlete at the Beacon Hotel in Dublin. Then journalists conducted an investigation and found that Conor stayed at the hotel on the same dates. At that time, Conor was not charged — there was not enough evidence.

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