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Love Story: Grace Kelly And Prince Rainier III

Love Story: Grace Kelly And Prince Rainier III

Meghan Markle is not the first actress to trade her career for a high-profile title. Grace Kelly went through this beautiful but difficult path long before becoming the star of "Suits." She, unlike Megan, for the sake of love, did not give up minor roles in TV series, but from working with the most talented Directors of her time, including Alfred Hitchcock, who simply adored Grace. All this, she sacrificed for a life with Prince Rainier III of Monaco. On September 14, the day of the tragic death of the star, we remember their love story.

Grace and Rainier met during the 1955 Cannes film festival. In the same year, Grace won an Oscar for George Seaton's "Country Girl" and went to the Cote d'Azur as one of the brightest stars of cinema at that time.

Among other important things, such as visiting premieres and talking to reporters at Kelly's hotel in Cannes, was a photoshoot with Prince Rainier III for the Paris Match edition. They say that the actress did not want to go to the shooting and tried to cancel it in every possible way, but she could not get out of posing in front of the cameras — it was fate in the truest sense of the word. It was during this photoshoot that Grace met Rainier.

No, love, at first sight, didn't happen. Both Grace and Rainier were not very comfortable that day: the Prince, in principle, was a shy person and did not like such events, and the actress had an uncomfortable dress, and besides, she did not have time to do her hair. In General, both were not in the best mood and communicated quite restrained.

A month later, Rainier went to the United States on business. There he and Grace met again, and now there was a spark between them. After chatting without cameras, they realized how good they are with each other. Kelly fell in love with the Prince with all her heart. On the part of Rainier, of course, there was also strong sympathy, but there was also calculation. Yes, from the Prince's side. The fact is that Rainier needed to find a wife who would become the" face " of Monaco. Shipbuilding magnate Aristotle Onassis, who was a friend of the Prince, first suggested the idea of marrying a Hollywood star. And I found a suitable candidate-Marilyn Monroe. Onassis even talked to the film star about it and suggested that she meet the Prince. Marilyn seemed to agree, but in the end, preferred Rainier to the American playwright Arthur Miller.

Grace was an ideal candidate for the role of Princess: beautiful, statuesque, with excellent taste. At that time, she was at the height of her fame, adored by the whole world. And Rainier couldn't resist her, either. On Christmas day, 1955, he proposed. A few days later, the actress took her lover to meet her family. And here, the Prince was waiting for a real test.

Grace was born into a large and influential family. She was not the most beloved child and was considered an "ugly duckling" for a long time. Grace's father, Jack Kelly, was an unquestioning authority, and Grace was very dependent on his opinion. Before Rainier, she was repeatedly made offers, but her father rejected all her daughter's suitors, considering them unworthy. "Check" Jack did not pass including actors don Richardson and Jean-Pierre Aumont. Jack also considered the most famous fashion designer of the time, Oleg Cassini, who dressed all the American elite and also belonged to the European aristocracy, to be an unsuitable match for Grace. When he proposed to Grace, Jack Kelly set a condition — a six-month delay, and during this time, the lovers should not see each other. A month later, however, Cassini was invited to rest at the Kelly family's summer home. But no, it wasn't a friendly sign: Jack Kelly wanted to humiliate his daughter's boyfriend. Put him almost in a closet and refused to communicate with him. As a result, Cassini and Grace broke up.

Prince Rainier III, despite his title and background, also did not escape the test of the Kelly family. On January 5, he and Grace arrived at her family's home in Philadelphia, where Jack gave the future son-in-law a real interrogation, and in the presence of journalists who recorded every word. Rainier was displeased, but for Grace's sake, he passed the test, obediently but coldly answering all questions. In the end, Jack gave his blessing.

Interesting fact: when making a love proposal, Rainier first presented Grace with a ring with small diamonds and rubies — too modest for the future Princess. But a few weeks later, the Prince corrected himself and on Kelly's finger appeared the most famous platinum Cartier ring with an emerald-cut diamond weighing 10.47 carats. Grace liked the decoration so much that she didn't even shoot it on the set of her latest film, High society, directed by Charles Walters. Fortunately, according to the plot, her character was a very wealthy woman, and such an impressive diamond was quite suitable for the image. In the future, Grace's jewelry collection was supplemented with many more Cartier masterpieces — the Princess loved the products of this jewelry house very much.

On April 4, 1956, Grace arrived in Monaco on the Constitution. Rainier met her on the beach. The future Princess was happy and madly in love. Preparations for the wedding began.

The Grimaldi family treated Kelly coldly enough, but the people adored her and watched her every step. Everything grace wore became a must-have for all women in the Principality. Rainier was pleased and glad that his bride was so loved.

On April 18, 1956, a civil wedding ceremony was held. The next day, April 19, there was a loud public wedding. The dress for the bride was made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer costume designer Edith Head. Eighteen meters of silk, 23 meters of silk taffeta, 90 meters of tulle, and 270 meters of lace were used to create the outfit. Instead of a tiara, Grace's head was decorated with a touching "Juliet" hat.

After getting married, Grace gave up acting. Most of all, Alfred Hitchcock was not happy about this, who believed that in this way, she betrayed her talent. But a new chapter has begun in Grace's life and a new role as a caring wife and mother. She gave her first child to Rainier in January 1957, a daughter named Caroline. But the Principality needed an heir, and Grace was expected to have a son. These expectations were met. And in March 1958, a boy was born, who was named Albert. Grace was a great feeling as a mother. She breastfed her children herself, was immersed in their upbringing, and read many books on child psychology. The Princess dreamed of a large family, but, unfortunately, the next two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. The Princess was very distressed by the loss of her children. She became more withdrawn, gained weight, and didn't want to do anything other than home and family. Rainier didn't like it. He became bored and became increasingly estranged from his wife. The press also treated the Princess with less sympathy - she was criticized for excessive restraint and lack of her own opinion.

In February 1965, Grace and Rainier had their third child, daughter Stephanie. But the relationship between the Prince and the Princess was already completely spoiled by that time. In an interview, when asked if she was happy, Grace said: "I've had a lot of happy moments in my life, but I don't think that happiness, that is, feeling happy, is a permanent state in which you can stay indefinitely. However, I found peace of mind. For me, my children are a huge source of happiness. Over the past ten years, life has given me many reasons to feel satisfied." Even in this not very happy utterance, as you can see, there was not a word about her husband.

To her friend Michelin swift, after ten years of marriage, the Princess complained: "He's cornered me. I'm in a cage, and I can't take a step on my own. I was deprived of all freedom."

Complicating the relationship between Grace and Rainier and the fact that the Prince, extremely modest in his youth, in adulthood, emancipated, went all out, becoming a regular in brothels, and did not even hide from his wife's infidelity. He didn't try to get along with her at all. And the couple became more and more distant from each other. When the children grew up, Grace began to have problems with alcohol. And then there were the lovers.

On September 13, 1982, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, was involved in a car accident. She lost control of the car and it went over a cliff. Grace's youngest daughter, Stephanie, was in the car with her. She survived, but the Princess could not be saved.

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