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Paris Hilton Presents "This Is Paris": A Film About The Desire To Become A Mother, Experienced Violence In Youth, And Her Glamorous Image

Paris Hilton Presents "This Is Paris": A Film About The Desire To Become A Mother, Experienced Violence In Youth, And Her Glamorous Image

On September 14, the documentary "This is Paris" about one of the primary icons of the era of desperate glamour of the noughties, the first celebrity to become known for being famous — Paris Hilton appeared on YouTube. The refrain throughout the two-hour narration is the phrase that the image of the frivolous heiress is just an image created by Paris herself to distance herself from the world and not show her vulnerable nature.

The people who most influenced the formation of the star took part in the shooting of the film. For example, her mother Kathy, who claimed that in the Hilton family, only five of the eight children received millions from their parents, and her husband Richard was among those who had to provide for themselves and their children. The younger sister of the main character of the film, Niki, admitted that she refused to be interviewed for 20 years and broke this tradition only to tell the world that the media image of Paris is much more glamorous than her real one. According to Niki, her sister is a very ordinary woman, although she likes to dramatize.

For a few minutes, Kim Kardashian appears on the screen — a student who significantly surpassed her teacher. Kim used to silently accompany Paris to parties, help Her with style issues, and meekly step aside when someone wanted to take a photo with Hilton. It was Paris who became the world's first influencer in the sense of the word in which we understand it now. She admits that she has greatly influenced what social networks are today. "Sometimes I think I created a monster," the heiress admits.

Another significant theme of This is Paris is the workaholism of the main character. Paris says with annoyance that she has been working hard since the age of 15, and her schedule is scheduled for several months ahead. Paris actively develops a personal brand, promotes 19 products named after herself (cosmetics, clothing, and more), and performs around the world with DJ sets. The younger sister strongly advises Paris to go on vacation, but she insists that She simply does not have time for this.

As for plans, Hilton does not rule out the possibility of getting married and having a child sometimes. She doesn't see an opportunity for this yet, but the heiress made sure not to miss her chance and froze her eggs: "I want to give birth to a girl, which I will call London. But I don't know when I'll have time. I won't stop until I make a billion dollars. Only then can I relax."

Over the years, Paris has suffered from nightmares. She sees the same dream — as two unknown people get into her room and take her somewhere. Initially, Hilton did not want to talk about it in the documentary but then decided that the time had come. It turns out that such an episode took place in her life. When she was a teenager, her parents severely restricted her desires — Paris was not allowed to go on dates, use makeup, participate in magazine shoots, and go to parties. Naturally, the girl did all this to spite her relatives.

When my parents decided to send her to a private boarding house in Provo, Utah, and the daughter ran away from home, as she often did, allowed the staff to pull her out of bed in the middle of the night. At school, Paris was subjected to psychological and physical abuse-students were severely punished for disobedience, locked in solitary rooms, deprived of food, and beaten.

According to Paris, it was this traumatic experience that made her come up with a glamorous image of a carefree blonde as a defensive reaction, which she adhered to for many years. Speaking about the tragedy experienced in her youth, Hilton wanted to free herself from anxiety and guilt for what happened. To do this, she even contacted her classmates and together with them took part in a social project aimed at drawing attention to what was happening at the Provo school in the late '90s.

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