TurboTax 2022 review: Flexible tax software makes submitting a breeze

TurboTax 2022 review: Flexible tax software makes submitting a breeze ...

TurboTax is easy to use and is ideal for most filers.

TurboTax, long viewed on CNET's list of, is the most reputable choice for most taxpayers in 2022. Whether you have a simple tax situation or one that's more complicated -- by the way -- TurboTax will help you collect and organize your paperwork, calculate your refund, and submit your return online without compromising your budget or emotional well-being

TurboTax offers three key selling points: expert tax knowledge, a flexible platform, and a clear, intuitive design that has been refined over decades. It's simple to use and broad in scope, and offers even more value, while increasing your chances of receiving a potential refund sooner.

Although other online tax services also aim to make tax filing simpler, TurboTax is notable for its ease of use. Using TurboTax software is the closest you'll get to feeling satisfaction and peace of mind when filing taxes.

TurboTax is a TurboTax solution.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Autoimports many tax documents
  • Easy to switch from another tax service
  • Offers two tiers of live support
  • Desktop and mobile app
  • Higher price than competitors
  • Frequently prompts you to upgrade or buy more products
  • Charges you for each state return you file

Who should use TurboTax?

TurboTax is a comprehensive platform for filing your taxes, whether you are hiring a CPA, using third-party software or using the most advanced equipment.

TurboTax will not be the best choice for everyone, but if you have a more difficult tax situation, you may be overkill and more expensive than others. Note: If you work in multiple US states in 2021, and will need to file, there may be better options.

What are TurboTax's different products?

TurboTax has four options to choose from: Basic, Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed depending on your return.

TurboTax Live (live assistance and a review from a CPA) and TurboTax Live Full Service (a human CPA will handle your taxes for you) are a two-tier category that allows you to consult regularly with an expert who will review your return. With these added offerings, you have technically a total of 12 options.

You'll need to pay for the Deluxe edition, which is generally made up of a single W-2 from one employer.

TurboTax Live Full Service can be purchased for $79 per month or $199 per month for TurboTax Live.

The Deluxe tier is $39 for your federal return and $39 for each state return.

If you're not eligible for any credits or deductions, it's not always easy to determine if it's worth extra money to try to maximize your refund. (Note: If you're eligible, however, and the Deluxe tier gets you an extra $500 with your refund, that $100 is a good investment.)

TurboTax Live will be available for $119 for your federal return and $49 for each state return.

With the Premier tier, you can make your investment income and rental property a breeze while maximizing your return. It's also a great option for those with strong cryptocurrency activity, giving you the opportunity to submit 4,000 crypto transactions at once. It costs $69 for your federal return plus $39 for each state return.

If you'd like to add TurboTax Live, it will cost $169 for your federal return plus $49 for state returns. For Full Service, it costs $359 plus $49 for each state return.

At this cost, you're entering standard CPA price levels.

It's important to understand that all employees are able to get their own personal and business income and expenses as well as investment income and rental property income.

If you want to add TurboTax Live, the tier will cost $199 for federal taxes and $49 per state. Full Service, you'll pay $389 for federal taxes and $49 per state.

Comparing TurboTax products, TurboTax is a new product.

Best forProductFederalState*With TurboTax LiveWith TurboTax Live Full Service
Simple returns only (form 1040) Free $0 $0 $0 federal/$0 state if by March 31, $79 after $0 federal/$0 state if by Feb. 15, $199 after
Maximizing tax deductions/credits Deluxe $39 $39 $119 federal/$49 state $249 federal/$49 state
Crypto, investing and real estate income Premier $69 $39 $169 federal/$49 state $359 federal/$49 state
Freelancers and business owners Self-employed $89 $39 $199 federal/$49 state $389 federal/$49 state

*Cost is per state return filed.

Is TurboTax Live worth the price?

TurboTax's expert assistance upgrades aren't required in most tax situations, according to us. The main advantage of TurboTax is that it's accessible and comprehensive, meaning that the process provides enough information that you don't need to dig to find it. Many of your questions can be answered through its online resources, which makes the added Live assistance category, where you can ask an expert questions and them review your return at the end.

The Full Service category is akin to a separate product. You're simply sending your tax documents to a CPA or tax preparer, so you're not using TurboTax's interface -- it's just a way to find a qualified tax preparer through TurboTax. We'd suggest you compare the cost of a local tax expert with TurboTax's Full Service option to make sure that it works for you or your organization.

Other notable characteristics

TurboTax is a great system for storing information on a device, and you can even take a photo of your physical documents.

TurboTax offers other useful tools, including a (you'll need an Intuit login to use it) and a system that maintains its accuracy. Most advantageous, however, is the additional information that's provided to assist you in addressing your difficult tax questions with simple responses and extended context.

The mobile app experience is really good. Though I am not a fan of phone dealing financial issues on both personal and practical issues, TurboTax makes it simple. However, given the smaller screen, you can still follow along with TurboTax's interview-based approach.

You may get your refund in several ways.

  • Direct deposit
  • Turbo Visa Debit Card (you'll have different options for state taxes, depending on where you live)
  • Paper check
  • Applied to next year's tax return
  • US savings bond
  • (valid through Feb. 15)

Pourquoi should we do it?

TurboTax is the most important choice for those wanting to pay taxes quick and with as little headache as possible.

A deposit of information and advice to assist you in making the most of your decisions with your money.

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