Arceus Lost and Found Guide for Pokemon Legends - How to Find and Return Lost satchels

Arceus Lost and Found Guide for Pokemon Legends - How to Find and Return Lost satchels ...

The Pokemon formula introduces a variety of new features and gameplay ideas, including one called Lost and Found. After you've joined the Galaxy Expedition Team and unlocked Mystery Gift, you'll be able to retrieve satchels that other players have dropped around the region and return them for rewards.

What is Lost and Found?

Lost and Found is a new feature that helps you locate items other players have lost. After a player has sustained too much damage and blacked out while on the field, they'll drop a satchel containing some of the items they were carrying at the time.

When others were blacked out, the Lost and Found menu shows items that other players have dropped.

What do you get for returning satchels?

Each time you return a satchel, you'll receive a handful of items as a reward, along with some Merit Points. This special type of currency can be redeemed at Simona's trading post in Jubilife Village for rare items, including some necessary to alter certain Pokemon.

How do you return satchels?

While in the field, open your Arc Phone and you'll see satchels that other players have dropped displayed on the map. The easiest way to locate these is to set a pin over them and make your way to the area.

You can see the place in which players dropped their satchels on your Arc Phone.

The owner of the satchel will receive a reward as soon as possible.

What can i buy with Merit Points?

Merit Points are a variety of rare items, including elemental stones and other items that will help them develop certain Pokemon.

You can see the full list of items that Simona sells below. Be aware that each is fairly expensive, so you'll need to find and retrieve many satchels to earn enough Merit Points to purchase them.

  • Poke Ball - 10 MP
  • Rare Candy - 1000 MP
  • Fire Stone - 1000 MP
  • Water Stone - 1000 MP
  • Thunder Stone - 1000 MP
  • Leaf Stone - 1000 MP
  • Ice Stone - 1000 MP
  • Moon Stone - 1000 MP
  • Sun Stone - 1000 MP
  • Shiny Stone - 1200 MP
  • Dusk Stone - 1200 MP
  • Dawn Stone - 1200 MP
  • Oval Stone - 400 MP
  • Razor Claw - 1400 MP
  • Razor Fang - 1400 MP
  • Reaper Cloth - 1400 MP
  • Metal Coat - 1000 MP
  • Protector - 1400 MP
  • Electirizer - 1400 MP
  • Magmarizer - 1400 MP
  • Upgrade - 1000 MP
  • Dubious Disc - 1400 MP
  • Linking Cord - 1000 MP

Everybody who purchases a copy before May 9 can get a Growlithe kimono set and a Baneful Fox mask for their character. There are also a few other players.

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