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German Deutsche Telekom And French OVHcloud Will Create A Cloud Platform

German Deutsche Telekom And French OVHcloud Will Create A Cloud Platform

German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom and France's OVHcloud plan to create a cloud computing platform for European public sector companies, according to a press release from the German company.

"As part of this partnership, OVHcloud and T-Systems (the IT division of Deutsche Telekom-ed.) will participate in the development of a unique OpenStack public cloud platform. This new platform will meet the needs of the public sector, as well as companies of all sizes working in strategic areas," the report says.

It's worth noting that the development of the joint project OVHcloud and T-Systems contribute to the creation of the European cloud platform Gaia-X, the project of which was presented in June by the German and French economy Ministers Peter Altmaier and Bruno Le Maire.

Reuters notes that this partnership is an attempt to offer a European alternative to Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in the field of cloud computing. According to marketing research, which leads the Agency, in the second quarter, the combined share of three American companies in the global market was 60%.

Deutsche Telekom is a German telecommunications holding company headquartered in Bonn. The French company OVHcloud is a cloud service provider with more than 2,000 employees and 30 data centers around the world.

With this partnership, both - OVHcloud and T-Systems - will engage in developing a unique Openstack public cloud platform. This new offering will address the specific needs of the Public Sector, as well as essential infrastructure operators and companies of all sizes operating in strategic or sensitive areas of public interest. The platform contributes to the European Gaia-X initiative guaranteeing highest level of openness and transparency, data sovereignty, European data privacy and security.

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