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Alrosa Sold $20.7 Million Worth Of Large Diamonds In Belgium And Israel

Alrosa Sold $20.7 Million Worth Of Large Diamonds In Belgium And Israel

In September, ALROSA held auctions for the sale of special-sized diamonds (more than 10.8 carats) in Belgium and Israel, where it earned $20.7 million, the company reports.

At the auction in Belgium, the company sold 133 diamonds with a total weight of 2173 carats. The sale price was 7.4 million dollars. Clients from Belgium, India, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates (20 companies in total) won various auction positions.

The auction in Israel ended with revenue of $13.3 million. ALROSA received this amount for selling 100 diamonds with a total weight of 1,860 carats. According to the results of the auction, 31 winners were determined-companies from Israel, the UAE, and Belgium.

"The results of the past auctions confirm the demand for high-quality rough diamonds. That is especially evident in the example of the Israeli auction, where the final revenue significantly exceeded the starting price," commented on the results of the auctions, Deputy General Director of the company Evgeny Agureev.

Under Russian legislation, ALROSA sells large-size raw materials at international auctions. Every year, the company holds about 30 such auctions at its sites in Moscow, Vladivostok, Antwerp, Ramat Gan, Hong Kong, New York, and Dubai. Auctions take place six times a year in Israel.

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