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Cabinet: Britain Will Not Back Down From Its Position On Brexit

Cabinet: Britain Will Not Back Down From Its Position On Brexit

Michael Gove, the Cabinet Minister, and Boris Johnson's right-hand man promised to firmly "resist Brussels' threats to disrupt Brexit negotiations" on September 10, the Daily Mail reports.

This statement was made by Michael Gove after emergency talks with Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic. The talks were initiated by the EU. Sefkovich hoped to clarify London's intentions to bring the bill on the protection of the UK's internal market to the status of law and convince the UK that this should not be done. According to the bill, the UK government is given the right to cancel London's obligations under the EU withdrawal agreement to protect the internal market.

Michael Gove has declared that the UK "cannot and will not" back down from its positions. "I very clearly told the Maros Sefcovic that we do not reject this law," said Gove. He also added that it is very important for London to reach an agreement on the protection of the markets of Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Maros of Sefcovic was no less peremptory. He told reporters that the EU's patience had run out, that it would drop the rules of etiquette, and "no longer be shy." "I very clearly told him [Gouwu] that the Agreement on withdrawal would not be reviewed, said Sefcovic. — We expect to observe its letter and spirit. Our position on this issue is very clear."

Sefcovic also noted that the British government " is well aware of what a lack of respect for signed and ratified agreements may mean in the future." "This is a matter of principle," he said. "Of course, this will directly affect the negotiations on our future relations."

Recall that the European Commission accused the UK of "serious violation of the withdrawal agreement and international law." According to the official position of Brussels, the incident " violates international law, undermines trust, and creates risks for the ongoing negotiations on future relations."

The EU has issued an ultimatum to London: withdraw the bill from consideration by the end of the month. Otherwise, as stated in Brussels, negotiations on a trade deal will be terminated.

We also recall that on September 11, negotiations between David frost and Michel Barnier on trade relations between the UK and the EU will resume.

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