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Minsk Offered Russia To Restore Air Traffic

Minsk Offered Russia To Restore Air Traffic

The Ministry of Transport of Belarus has sent an official request to the Russian authorities to restore air traffic.

"The aviation Department of the Ministry of transport has sent proposals to Russian partners that can be included in the action plan for the resumption of communication," the Ministry said. They stressed that Minsk is ready to resume flights "as soon as possible."

The national airport of Minsk expects that Aeroflot and Utair will resume flights to the Belarusian capital from October 1, General Director of the air Harbor Vyacheslav Horoneno said in an interview with the newspaper Respublika. According to him, regular flights to Minsk have already been resumed by carriers from the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Germany.

Russia and Belarus agreed to gradually resume transport links on September 1 during negotiations between representatives of the sanitary and epidemiological services of the two countries with the participation of Artem Sikorsky, Director of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport of Belarus. Later, the head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, relations with compatriots and Eurasian integration, Leonid Kalashnikov, said that options for opening borders with Belarus are being worked out by the end of September. At the same time, in early September, the largest Belarusian air carrier Belavia extended the ban on flights to Russia until the end of the month.

Russia suspended international flights from March 27 and closed the border with Belarus on March 30. From August 1, flights resumed from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Rostov-on-don, and later from Novosibirsk and Kaliningrad. At first, flights were allowed to great Britain (London), Switzerland, Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, and Dalaman), and Tanzania. Next, flights were resumed with Austria, Montenegro, Abkhazia, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as with Switzerland, if passengers have a residence permit in the country and, temporarily, with Poland. The European Union has not yet lifted entry restrictions for Russians.

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