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China Presented A Logistics And Manufacturing Development Plan

China Presented A Logistics And Manufacturing Development Plan

Chinese authorities presented an action plan for integration and innovation in logistics and manufacturing, as well as maintaining the stability of industrial supply chains, Xinhua News Agency reported on September 10.

According to the plan, jointly published by the country's 14 Central government departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission, efforts will be made to promote a new development model in which domestic and foreign markets stimulate each other, and the domestic market is the mainstay.

The plan proposes to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the logistics industry in the context of transformation and modernization of production, to promote synergy between these two industries.

By 2025, the logistics industry will play a more significant role in reducing costs and improving efficiency in the real economy, coordinating supply chains and developing the manufacturing industry in a high-quality way, the plan says.

According to the plan, the coordinated development of supply chains in the manufacturing sector will be significantly strengthened, as well as the supply capacity of fine and high-quality logistics services will be increased.

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