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Finland And Norway Will Accept Refugees From A Burned-Out Camp In Greece

Finland And Norway Will Accept Refugees From A Burned-Out Camp In Greece

Finland will accept 11 underage refugees from the heavily damaged Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, according to the Finnish Interior Ministry.

"Finland has decided to help Greece by accepting 11 underage asylum seekers without caregivers from the fire-ravaged Moria camp. In the spring, the state Council decided that the country will accept 175 refugees from the Mediterranean. Eleven refugees are included in this number," the report says.

In turn, Norway is preparing to accept 50 asylum seekers from the camp. Besides, the country will also send a medical team to Greece. "We will send up to 25 nurses, doctors, and logistics specialists," the Norwegian government said on Friday.

A major fire engulfed camp Moria on the night of September 9. It almost completely burned down, and a large number of refugees and migrants fled to the surrounding mountains. Many also went to the city of Mytilene, but they were blocked by police detachments. As a result, several hundred migrants settled down on the highway.

It is assumed that the fire was caused by arson during the unrest of migrants, caused by the announcement that 35 people in the camp were infected with coronavirus and will be isolated along with their family members. Some refused to do so. Others tried to leave the camp late on Tuesday, believing that this way they could avoid the risk of infection with the coronavirus. At the same time, new arson attacks occurred in the Moria camp on Wednesday evening. Tents were set on fire in parts of the camp that were not destroyed by the fire on Wednesday night.

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