As EPs, Hip-Hop Adult Animated Comedy 'Storytown'#039;Storytown'#039;Storytown'#039;Storytown& Michael D. Ratner

As EPs, Hip-Hop Adult Animated Comedy 'Storytown'#039;Storytown'#039;Storytown'#039;Storytown& Micha ...

EXCLUSIVE: is developing music-infused adult animated comedy, from 'HarveBeat and OBB Pictures.

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When a grandson starts causing troubles in the streets, his grandfather begins to share life experiences he learned when growing up with rapping fairytale characters in a storytown.

Khiyon Hursey, a singer and musical theater composer who has worked on Hamilton and Witness Uganda and Harrison Richlin (Soundtrack) will be composers on Storytown, which they are co-writing with Woke executive producer Jay Dyer.

Kevin Hart, Bryan Smiley, Mike Stein, and Tiffany Brown are both producer of HartBeat, while Ratner, Scott Ratner and Elias Tanner are both producers.

Storytown is based on HartBeat and OBB Pictures' collaboration on Kevin Hart's Cold As Balls. The project originated when OBB brought Hursey and Richlin's original script to the HartBeat team.

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