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Merkel Called Discussions About Easing The Quarantine In Germany A Bacchanal

Merkel Called Discussions About Easing The Quarantine In Germany A Bacchanal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sharply criticized the ongoing discussions in the German regions about easing the quarantine measures, calling them a bacchanalia, the DPA News Agency reports.

The Agency refers to participants in a video conference of the Presidium of the ruling Christian Democratic Union party, which was held on Monday and during which Merkel outlined her position. The Chancellor is dissatisfied with the fact that her statement about the need for" careful "and a gradual easing of restrictive measures has led to" rampant " discussions about their removal, which, according to Merkel, increases the risk of deterioration of the situation.

Discussions about easing restrictions intensified in Germany last week against the background of a decrease in the growth rate of new cases of COVID-19. Merkel on April 15 announced the gradual removal of restrictive measures, in particular, from April 20, stores with an area of no more than 800 meters, car and Bicycle salons will open, while most of the restrictive measures remain in force.

According to Merkel, discussions about easing restrictive measures may interrupt a positive trend in the fight against the epidemic, as fewer people will adhere to the rules of limited contacts. In turn, Vice-chairmen of the CDU Volker Bufier and Julia Kleckner during a video conference criticized the authorities of the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate for the decision to open shopping centers and zoos.

As of Monday, 141 thousand cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Germany, and 4.4 thousand people have died.

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