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Russia May Introduce Free Travel In Transport By 2035

Russia May Introduce Free Travel In Transport By 2035

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has prepared an updated draft of the transport strategy of Russia until 2035, writes RBC, referring to the document. In the draft, the Agency allowed the introduction of free public transport in Russian cities in 15 years. That will be possible if the "user pays" mechanism is implemented for all categories of drivers.

It is assumed that from 2025 in Russia, travel on regional roads will be paid, and by 2035, the fee will be charged to "all categories of road users," including the road network of urban agglomerations. It is not specified in the document whether it will be paid to drive a private car on all types of roads. According to RBC sources, the project is still under discussion, and its final version will be submitted to the government in February 2021. The previous version was presented in March 2020, but it was sent for revision in March.

Earlier, Kommersant, referring to the draft program for the modernization of passenger transport, wrote that by 2030 it is planned to update 75% of buses and up to 25% of the electric transport fleet in 104 cities. This program will cost Russia 5.1 trillion rubles.

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