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Iran Has Increased Its Production Of Medical Masks Tenfold

Iran Has Increased Its Production Of Medical Masks Tenfold

Iran has increased its production of masks tenfold in the face of the spread of the coronavirus, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of Iran Hamid Zadboom told RIA Novosti about the ban on exports from Iran of several goods for medical purposes, including masks and fabrics for them, but did not rule out a change in the situation as soon as the country is properly provided with them.

"On February 19 (when the Iranian authorities announced the spread of coronavirus to the country), about 400 thousand masks were produced per day. I am happy to announce that today the industrial production of masks per day has exceeded the figure of four million-this is not counting the masks that are made at home and enterprises in rural areas," Rabiei said during a press conference broadcast by Iranian television.

Last week, the opening ceremony of the "largest enterprise in Front Asia" for the production of masks was also held.

At the moment, 83.5 thousand cases of infection have been detected in Iran since February 19, of which 5.2 thousand were fatal. At the same time, almost 60 thousand people recovered. Data recently showed a gradual, but not steady improvement in the statistics for the coronavirus.

Against this background, the authorities have taken a number of measures to resume previously prohibited business activities in the country: since April 11, businesses with low risks of spreading coronavirus have resumed operating in most provinces, since April 18, the same thing happened with the largest city of the country - Tehran, where shops have opened (grocery stores and pharmacies have always been open), and since April 20, the authorities have resumed business with medium risks of spreading coronavirus.

In addition, travel between the country's provinces, which was banned at the end of March, was due to resume on Monday. However, parks and entertainment areas remain closed, cultural and sporting events have been canceled, and religious worship has been restricted.

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