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Huawei Will Lose Access To Samsung And LG Displays

Huawei Will Lose Access To Samsung And LG Displays

One of the largest display manufacturers in the world, Samsung and LG, will not be able to supply their products to Huawei from September 15 due to US sanctions against the Chinese IT giant, according to Reuters, referring to the largest South Korean newspaper, Chosun Ilbo.

Samsung Display, which supplies displays not only for Samsung devices but also for Apple smartphones, as well as other manufacturers, declined to comment. LG Display confirmed the restriction but noted that this would not significantly affect the company's business, since the volume of display supplies for Huawei is insignificant.

In August, the US increased pressure on Huawei as part of the ongoing trade war with China. The White House decided to ban any companies from selling microchips to a Chinese company if they are made on equipment using American technology. All major processor manufacturers, including TSMC, a key manufacturer of HiSilicon systems-on-a-chip for Huawei smartphones, are subject to the restriction.

The South Korean publication writes, citing industry sources, that the decision to stop the supply of Samsung and LG displays was made due to the presence of microchips in the supplied components. Thus, companies risk violating US sanctions. Also, compared to other customers — for example, Apple — Huawei bought few displays.

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