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German Residents Are More Afraid Of Trump's Policies Than Of The Coronavirus

German Residents Are More Afraid Of Trump's Policies Than Of The Coronavirus

The fears of German residents that US President Donald trump's policies will make the world more life-threatening were more serious than the fear of the coronavirus, according to the results of the annual public opinion survey conducted by the German insurance company R+V Insurance Group.

In the annual rating "what are Germans afraid of?," which has been held since 1992, R+V Insurance Group collects those events, phenomena, and facts that have caused the greatest fears of German residents over the past year. The rating is based on a public opinion poll. The current survey took place in June and July, with about 2,400 Germans taking part.

According to the survey, most people in Germany are afraid of the policy of Donald trump: 53% of respondents indicated this reason. Commenting on this indicator, Heidelberg University political scientist Manfred Schmidt explained that this result is quite reasonable. "With his foreign policy, Trump constantly causes serious international complications. Especially noticeable in this regard is the trade war with China and attacks on trade and security issues against allied States, including Germany. Also, the US refusal of international cooperation and confrontation with Iran," the expert said.

In second place in terms of German fears was the increase in the cost of living (51%), in third — the cost of taxpayers due to the EU debt crisis (49%), in fourth-the deterioration of the economic situation (48%). Besides, Germans are afraid of natural disasters, extreme weather (44%), tension due to the influx of foreigners (43%), and state overload due to refugees (43%). At the same time, the fear of getting sick with coronavirus worries only one in three Germans (32%), which is why they were ranked in 17th place.

According to Professor Dr. Manfred G. Schmidt, a political scientist at the Ruprecht-Karls – Universität in Heidelberg, 53 percent of Germans consider the policy of US President Donald Trump to be the biggest Problem-for the second time after 2018. He has been advising the R + V Infocenter on the evaluation of the anxiety study for many years. "With his foreign policy, Trump repeatedly causes serious international entanglements. Particularly outstanding cases are the trade war-like conflicts with China and the trade and security policy attacks against allied states, including Germany. Also, there is the withdrawal of the US from international cooperation and the confrontation with Iran."

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