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The US Has Imposed Sanctions Against Russian Citizens And A Ukrainian For Interfering In The Election.

The US Has Imposed Sanctions Against Russian Citizens And A Ukrainian For Interfering In The Election.

The office of foreign assets control of the US Treasury Department included three Russian citizens and one Ukrainian citizen in the sanctions lists for "attempts to influence the American elections," according to the website of the US Treasury.

"In the United States, Russia used a wide range of methods to influence the electoral process... which affected, among other things, us presidential candidates," the Ministry said in a statement. The Finance Ministry also pointed out that Russia is trying to "sow discord between US political parties and influence voters" with the help of "a lot of proxies."

So, under the sanctions were the Russians Anton Andreev, Daria Aslanova, and Artem Lifshits, who, according to the US Treasury, as employees of the "Internet Research Agency," known as the "Troll Factory" allegedly used cryptocurrency to Finance "continuous malicious operations for influence around the world."

Also under sanctions was the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andrey Derkach. According to the US Department, he was a "Russian agent" for more than ten years and maintained close ties with the Russian special services. Also, the US Treasury believes that Derkach, at least from the end of 2019 to mid-2020, conducted a covert campaign "aimed at cultivating false and unfounded narratives against US officials in the upcoming presidential elections in 2020", which will take place on November 3.

All property under sanctions in the United States is blocked. They will not be able to make any transactions with it. Also, any legal entities that are 50% or more owned by Andreev, Aslanova, Lifshits, or Derkach are subject to sanctions.

Earlier in may, Derkach published a high-profile phone recording, which, according to him, captured a conversation between former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and former Vice President, current democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. On the recording, Derkach said, Biden "orders" Poroshenko to dismiss the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who was investigating the activities of the gas production company Burisma, whose Board of Directors included his son Hunter Biden.

Today, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated four Russia-linked individuals for attempting to influence the U.S. electoral process. Russia uses a variety of proxies to attempt to sow discord between political parties and drive internal divisions to influence voters as part of Moscow’s broader efforts to undermine democratic countries and institutions. In the United States, Russia has used a wide range of influence methods and actors to target our electoral process, including targeting U.S. presidential candidates.

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