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A Priest Was Fined For Holding Mass In Italy

A Priest Was Fined For Holding Mass In Italy

A priest in the Italian city of Galliano in the province of Cremona was fined by the carabinieri for holding a mass in memory of those who died from the coronavirus COVID-19.

Don Lino viola held a service in front of 13 worshippers gathered in a small local Basilica on Sunday morning. Word of the mass spread and a patrol of carabinieri arrived at the site, who considered it a mass event that was forbidden during the quarantine period.

In a video distributed in the media, one of the carabinieri rises to the altar, trying to interrupt the service. To his remarks, don viola says that he is busy and will respond to him after mass, after which it continued.

According to the newspaper Messaggero, the priest was issued a fine of 280 euros. He is not going to pay it yet: he explains his position by saying that the state ban concerns mass events, not Church services. According to him, the faithful who came to mass was at a sufficient distance from each other, wearing masks and gloves. Don viola is going to challenge the fine of the carabinieri, and he compared the actions of the carabinieri to the Soviet Union.

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