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Security Certificates Will Be Implemented At Resorts In Turkey

Security Certificates Will Be Implemented At Resorts In Turkey

Turkey plans to introduce certification of tourist facilities for safety from CAVID-19 and compliance with hygiene standards.

The project starts in May. Certification of hotels will be voluntary, but in essence – mandatory, since without it, the hotel will not be allowed to serve foreign tourists. It will affect the reception, accommodation, and leisure of guests. Airlines, transport, hotels, museums, restaurants, and their employees will need to pass it.

Certification facilities, especially hotels, will be required to guarantee social distance, carry out regular sterilization, check the health of staff and provide their employees with personal protective equipment.

It is expected that tourist sites and host companies will receive certificates by the end of May.

The Minister stressed that the system being introduced is not a "plan for getting out of the coronavirus", but a "consumer priority" that Turkey will now follow.

According to Mehmet Ersoy, the situation with the coronavirus will normalize by the second week of May, which will allow launching intercity services and open resorts – but for now only for residents.

He believes that the arrival of foreign tourists will not begin until mid-June, and the Russians will not be the first in this process. The recovery of foreign flow will begin in the Asian markets, followed by Germany and Austria, where the situation with coronavirus is now rapidly improving. Next, Turkey is waiting for guests from Central Europe and some Northern European countries.

"Uncertainty persists in Russia and the UK. They can only come at the end of July," Ersoy says.

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