At Peacock, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson re-team for the Dead Day Series

At Peacock, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson re-team for the Dead Day Series ...

A fresh supernatural drama is coming to life again.

The Vampire Diaries, a multi-show franchise for The CW and Warner Bros. TV, has been re-teamed for NBCUniversal.

Dead Day, a second show for Plec's new home, will feature a group of characters as they navigate the annual "dead day," an annual period in which the dead are able to continue their lives, regardless of whether they are to celebrate a time on earth or to harm the living.

Both execs are on board as well as Ben Fast, Emily Cummins, Lee Kramer, Jon Kramer, and David Sigurani. Comic author Parrott, who recently saw Dead Day picked up for a second volume at AfterShock, is on board as a consultant producer.

Plec has moved to Universal TV with a in January 2020, leaving Warners after she developed The Vampire Diaries and spinoffs. YA is currently in postproduction for Peacock and the production of this series will be released later this month on NBC.

When Plec was working for Wes Craven, the former was hired by Williamson's Outerbanks. After hitting it off, Plec was a development executive at Williamson's Television Showcase. (Listen to Plec discuss her career trajectory in with THR's Top 5 podcast).

We have been looking for a project to do together, and Dead Day has all the ingredients we love as storytellers. Love, death, thrills, and tears are all things we know about Peacock, Plec and Williamson said in a joint statement Thursday.

Williamson is the latest character in the Scream franchise and is in a post on Miramax's Sick. Tell Me a Story, the former CBS All Access

Peacock has canceled a series of scripted offerings including The Last Symbol and The Joe Exotic series with Kate McKinnon and returning series like We Are Ladyparts.

"We couldnt have been more excited when they told us that they wanted to build up again," said Vivian Cannon, exec vp drama development at Universal Television. "Dead Day will be everything Julie and Kevin's audiences love about their workemotional, unexpected, and totally bingeable!"

In the six years since joining AfterShock Comics, it has published more than 110 titles.

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