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Biden Won According To The Results Of The Meetings Of Party Activists In Wyoming

Biden Won According To The Results Of The Meetings Of Party Activists In Wyoming

Former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden, who is seeking the Democratic party's nomination for the presidential election, won following the results of meetings of party activists (Caucuses) in the state of Wyoming. This was reported on Sunday by the Associated Press, citing representatives of the local branch of the party.

Voting at the Wyoming Caucuses was conducted by mail due to a pandemic of a disease caused by a new coronavirus. Ballot acceptance began on April 7-even before Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who was Biden's only rival for the nomination, withdrew from the race. He announced the suspension of his campaign the next day.

Earlier, 15 States, as well as the us-associated island state of Puerto Rico, decided to postpone the dates of primary elections and meetings of party activists or to hold a vote by mail. On April 2, the Democratic National Committee, in light of the unprecedented health crisis facing the United States, decided to move the date of the all-party Convention in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) from July 13-16 to the week that begins on August 17.

Following the results of the Caucuses in Wyoming, 17 delegates will be sent to the Democratic National Convention, where the name of Donald trump's rival in the presidential election should be named. According to the New York Times, Biden has already secured the support of 1,293 delegates to the National Convention. To become a presidential candidate, a candidate must win the support of 1,991 delegates in the first round of voting at the Convention. The 59th us presidential election will be held on November 3.

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