When Trump began talking about leather for his new book, he got the deep end

When Trump began talking about leather for his new book, he got the deep end ...

This is one of the most talked-off films in the SNL cast. James Austin Johnson. And it was on display during a recent interview on Lou Dobbs' podcast.

What began as a bleak-o-rama summary of American life under his successor, Joe Biden, lacked credibility in him to demand leather for some books that will soon be published.

Trump said, Well, nobody even heard supply chain. When he was discussing how some goods have become difficult to find in parts of the country, he said, we didnt sit around talking about supply chain. Now, thats all the two words people are using most because you cant get anything.

Trump made the decision as a result of his often-times exaggeration by saying that the sixty, seventy percent of important grocery stores are empty. He added: In some instances, more than that. They cant get food, they cant get clothing.

Trump changed the focus to himself after delivering a book that is incredibly successful. The publisher, who is one of the largest in the country, said: "Well we have one problem, we cant get paper, we cannot get ink."

Trump said: 'We can't get glue,' he added. 'And we can't get leather, for the covers.'

The book is a hardcover picture book depicting Donald J. Trump's first term as president, and it isn't exactly cheap. A standard version costs $74.99 while a signed one costs $229.99.

Isnt that surprising? SNL may have received some additional Trump fodder.


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