Prime Video: The 33 Best TV Shows to Watch

Prime Video: The 33 Best TV Shows to Watch ...

The Legend of Vox Machina (2022)

Amazon Prime Video does not have a ton of new weekly releases, apart from dropping several television shows each month.

This week, we'll look at the most exciting Amazon Prime Video Original TV shows.

What's new this week (January 24-30)

Highlights from this week

Friday is the third day of the week.

  • The Legend of Vox Machina (Season 1) -- The first three episodes will premiere in one go, followed by a new episode each week. Adult animated fantasy based on campaign one of the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role.

With the most exciting news, you may have everything from superheroes to video games.


Best Amazon Prime Video Original TV shows


With Love (2021)

Lily and Jorge Diaz are exploring the world of romance throughout the year, from Halloween to Christmas, despite their fun and personal interactions.

The Pursuit of Love (2021)

This series will be woven into a tale of happiness and sadness, as well as laughter and sorrow.

Modern Love (2019)

The film Modern Love is based on real-life television interviews by a cast of stars including Anne Hathaway and Dev Patel. In season 2, Minnie Driver and Kit Harington. Some stories will not be tied up with a neat bow, but others will take you to unexpected places.


Tales from the Loop (2020)

Tales from the Loop is a wonderful series to read, as well as meticulously detailed in symmetrical scenes. The interconnected townspeople are as nuanced as their stories exploring loneliness, aging, and more through sci-fi ideas.

The Feed (2019)

The Feed is a fiction adaptation of the British series about technology gone wrong. There are some notable actors stack out the cast, including David Thewlis and Michelle Fairley.

Amazon rescued The Expanse from the realm of canceled TV, bringing us up to six seasons. Thank goodness it did, because The Expanse is intelligent sci-fi with realistic characters, high production values and a dash of detective noir. Set in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, a conspiracy threatens to start a cold war between the largest powers. A band of antiheroes find themselves at the center.

Dramatic drama

The Underground Railroad (2021)

The Underground Railroad is a powerful 10-episode series created by producer Colson Whitehead. Set in the southern US in the 1800s, it follows Blacks attempting to escape from slavery through a network of hidden tracks and tunnels.

The Wilds (2020)

The first initial young adult offering for Amazon is a beautiful combination of Lost and the Breakfast Club -- and it works. Crucially, the cast of characters who find themselves stuck on a deserted island are all teenage girls. They must put aside their differences to survive, but they will learn a thing or two about themselves on the way.

Informer (2018)

This thrilling British series is about a journalist and the murky territory involved in forcing someone to take on the dangerous gig. Paddy Considine (who now has a gig on the Game of Thrones prequel) stars as DS Gabe Waters, a counterterrorism officer tasked with infiltrating a far-right movement in West Yorkshire.

Hanging Rock Picnic (2018)

The film adaptation of Picnic at Hanging Rock isn't quite a masterpiece, but it's as mysterious as the 1975 film adaptation of the classic Australian novel.

The Last Tycoon (2016-2017)

The Last Tycoon is based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's last book, which was unfinished and posthumously published. It was super engaging to look at and focused on absorbing characters.

The Collection (2016)

The Collection brings together two business leaders in a series set in post World War II Paris. Rivalry, betrayal, and Nazi occupation are the only themes that make this a great family movie. Please note that once you become hooked on the deftly layered intrigue, you'll have to face the disappointment of no second season.

Marius walks free from jail, but is tracked down by the gangster he once robbed. And so, Bryan Cranston brings all the power to gangster Vince in this part-drama and party-comedy.


Good Omens (2019)

A stacked cast, including a cameo from Benedict Cumberbatch, is a beautiful adaptation.

Forever (2018)

If you're in a particularly meditative mood, consider how we do things in life, Forever will guide you through their midst of a slow-burning first episode and you'll be rewarded with an exceptionally impressive eight-episode series.

The Thriller

Hanna (2019)

Hanna, a Joe Wright action thriller from 2011, is a pretty good TV show. It expands the teen's story and explains why the CIA's Marissa Wiegler is obsessed with capturing her

The movie, directed by Julia Roberts, explores an army rehabilitation facility that was once occupied by questionable owners. Using a powerful, mystery-building narrative that covers two timelines, Homecoming is highly focused on tension and paranoia as it reveals its purpose.

The Man in the High Castle is a film about a world in which Nazi Germany and Japan control the United States. But there's nothing new to the series, which is blitzing TV.

Comedy is a joke.

The story of a young woman who has been unable to find an answer to her dilemma in the car crash gets better: Bob Odenkirk plays Alma's dead father, who assists him in investigating his murder. Undone is surreal and beautifully existential for those looking for deep material.

A sex scandal in the UK Parliament? Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw? You can thank Russell T. Davies for dramatizing this slice of late-'70s British politics. Jeremy Thorpe, a Liberal member of Parliament, wants to silence unhappy ex-lover Norman before his career ends up in tatters. Watch the murder conspiracy, big trial, and media scrutiny through A Very English Scandal's darkly funny lens

A '50s housewife who becomes a standup comic? This brilliant series from Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino features vivid scenes from Rachel Brosnahan and Alex Borstein, all notably in the New York Times.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has written and directed the play titled Fleabag at its full potential. Despite being racially funny, Fleabag is an effective means to surprise and devastate you.

Dick's Life is "Going With You" (2016-2017)

Kevin Bacon is a favorite witch who starred in one season of this comedy, and is an artist and filmmaker. Yes, she is in this. But she isn't in it all.

Catastrophe is a rom-com about messy, chaotic people, as well as Sharon and Rob moving to the United Kingdom to begin a family. The tricky part: Sharon and Rob don't know the first thing about each other.

Transparent's unique story follows the Pfefferman siblings who discover their dad is moving to Maura. Other aspects of the Pfeffermans' lives, including a sour marriage and a dissenting child, give this tightly scripted comedy-drama a believable twist.

The oboist Hailey meets eccentric conductor Rodrigo, who is tasked with revitalizing the New York Symphony. Mozart in the Jungle is a comedy-drama set in New York's classical music scene.

Red Oaks (2014-2017)

In 1985, David Myers (Craig Roberts) was a college student who attended Red Oaks, a Jewish country club. Several years later, he was a student in the school. He toured extensively in the upcoming '80s and '80s. Music and Endearing characters. This gem of a show from a few years back is easy to see in the best way possible.


Invincible (2021)

Invincible is a tv series starring Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh and J.K. Simmons. You may come to Invincible up there with other adult cartoons like BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty.

The Boys stormed Amazon last year with its ultra-violent tale of antihero vigilantes seeking revenge against the world's most famous superheroes. But these heroes aren't what they seem: Their corporate lords cover up their shady personal lives, including sexual harassment and the odd assassination.

The Tick was sadly canceled after two seasons, but it will give you a hit of fast-paced, colorful action with its tongue firmly in its cheek. The meek Arthur who wears a... moth suit


The Terror is a thrilling, prestige horror movie that features Japanese folklore and explorers heading into uncharted territory. It is also available on Prime Video in Australia and AMC in the United States ().

Criminality is a crime.

The classic detective film, directed by Michael Connelly, is directing his own investigation into Harry Bosch's murder. The novel has a simple twist on the detective's behaviour.

Ripper Street (2012-2016)

The dark and gritty series is set in the late 1800s on the streets of Whitechapel, a city once terrorized by Jack the Ripper. Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen) and the police have to deal with the aftermath of the Ripper murders, which have left the area of London in an anarchic state. Fine acting, strong characters, and, importantly, strong dialogue make the episodic mysteries all the more enjoyable.

Marvel, Netflix, and more are coming soon.

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