2 premium smokeless fire pits are represented in Breeo X Series 24 vs. Solo Stove Yukon

2 premium smokeless fire pits are represented in Breeo X Series 24 vs. Solo Stove Yukon ...





Choosing the right fire pit for you is an excellent way to maximize your outdoor enjoyment. Whether it's for smores with the family or with a private campfire.

The Breeo X Series 24 is a powerful option as fire pits go, thanks to its sturdy Corten steel wood-burner that is also available in stainless steel. It is designed for smokeless operation, and it doubles as a grill too, plus it provides a ton of heat.

Solo Stove has expanded its indoor product range to include larger, yet still portable, home fire pits.

The Yukon is large enough to burn full-size logs, but still light enough to take on the road. It also uses an efficient airflow system to enable smokeless fires. It's $600, but right now it's discounted by $115.

Construction and construction quality are both highly respected.

The Yukon is made from stainless steel, and its strength is stronger than the Breeo X Series. One drawback to the Yukon's lightweight design though is that it's less durable. For example, a strong blow or drop will certainly dent the Yukon.

The Breeo X Series, however, is a completely different story. The model that's built from Corten steel is particularly robust, compared to the same grade of metal used in bridge and highway construction.

Breeo X Series 24 is the winner of the Breeo Award.

Performance and ease of use of tobacco are both improved and easy to use.

Both fire pits are smokeless but one can certainly maintain a proper burn as well. That happens to be the Solo Stove Yukon. Lighting fires in it is incredibly easy. And once lit wood inside this pit will burn for hours with minimal intervention

The Breeo X Series is less forgiving, but it's harder to get the initial fire going. I've found that it needs more fuel to kickstart the Breeo's smokeless secondary burn. Once it's rolling along, the pit's flames aren't difficult to sustain. Keep in mind that the Breeo is a better choice for use in colder weather.

Solo Stove Yukon is the winner of Solo Stove Yukon.

You can convert Breeo fire pits to serious outdoor cooking machines.

Additional features include an extra feature.

The Breeo X Series is a good outdoor grill and a stainless steel sear plate that will seal the mouth of the Breeo. It is hot enough to place a tasty charred crust on burgers, steaks and chops.

Also nice is that the sear plate will rise inwards when the fire enters cooking temperature, and that any juices and grease that you have eaten out of your food may drip into the pit rather than on the ground.

Solo Stove is the first person to recognize this, and is a leading company to offer a dedicated restaurant.

Winner: Breeo X Series 24


The Breeo X Series 24 is available in full swing against the Solo Stove Yukon. Although it can't quite match the Yukon's spectacular smokeless fires, it's simply more capable.

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