Goodrich and Lake Fenton split the boys-girls basketball doubleheaders

Goodrich and Lake Fenton split the boys-girls basketball doubleheaders ...

FLINT Parker LePla and Jack Locey scored 20 points apiece to lead Goodrich past Lake Fenton 73-59 in Metro League basketball action.

Goodrich led 40-34 heading to the fourth quarter, allowing the teams to climb for 58 points.

Goodrich has gained 14 points, Josh Waun scored 10, LePla had nine assists and six blocks, while Locey also added six assists and five assists.

Lake Fenton finished with 14 points, while Jake Helms added 13, Francis Senter added 11 and Ashton Hunter had eight.

Goodrich made the division's 8-1 record and built a 2.5-game lead on second-place Lake Fenton, which is 5-3 in the league and 5-4 overall. Goodrich is 9-1 overall.

The game was originally scheduled for Monday before being postponed due to the weather.

Lake Fenton had to play just 24 hours to recover from its first season.

The Blue Devils beat Goodrich 54-46, raising their overall ranking to 10-1, following their loss in Flushing.

After falling behind 40-20 in the third quarter, Goodrich was not making it easy. The Martians came storming back and reduced the deficit to four points in the final minute before Lake Fenton sealed the victory.

Lake Fenton has been led by Cola Sisk with 14 points, while Ella Prevost adds 14.

Riley Place added 17 points, and Kalen Williams added 10 points and six assists.

Lake Fenton sits top of the Metro Stars Division with a 5-0 record while Goodrich is second at 4-1. Goodrich is 8-4 overall after losing its second straight game.


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