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The Czech President Suggested Not Opening The Country's Borders For Another Year

The Czech President Suggested Not Opening The Country's Borders For Another Year

Czech President Milos Zeman believes that the borders of the Republic closed in March due to the coronavirus epidemic, should not be opened until a year later. He said this on Sunday in an interview with Prague radio station Frequency-1.

"The borders [of the Czech Republic] should remain closed for one year," the head of state said. "My view [on this issue] doesn't change."

Zeman believes that if the restrictions on entry and exit from the Republic are completely lifted, there is a danger that the coronavirus will re-enter it.

Meanwhile, Czech foreign Minister Tomas Petrzicek said that the government plans on Monday to consider opening national borders for Czech entrepreneurs heading to negotiations with foreign partners. Then restrictions on free exit and entry into the country, according to him, are supposed to be removed gradually. At the first stage, their cancellation is most likely with Slovakia and Austria.

In the Czech Republic, a state of emergency has been in effect since March 12, and a nationwide quarantine has been introduced since March 16. Foreigners are not allowed to enter. Residents can only leave the country in urgent situations, which do not include tourism. They are ordered to be quarantined for two weeks after their return.

In the Czech Republic, where the first person infected with the coronavirus became known on March 1, 6,701 infected people have been identified so far. The victims of the pandemic were 186 residents of the Republic. 1,298 citizens were cured of the disease caused by the virus.

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