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WP Named The Organizers Of Rallies Against Self-Isolation In The United States

WP Named The Organizers Of Rallies Against Self-Isolation In The United States

The Washington Post claimed on Sunday that the organizers of the protests with demands to ease the regime of self-isolation, which took place in several States, is a far-right group from the state of Minnesota, which advocates the free carrying of weapons. According to the publication, it was she who called people to take to the streets via Facebook.

According to the newspaper, groups in the social network created by members of the group are designed to accumulate dissenters to organize rallies in the States of Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. According to the authors of the article, the head of the group Ben Dorr and his brothers post information online that the authorities exaggerate the degree of danger of the coronavirus.

The Washington Post also claims that the initiators of the rally in Michigan, held on April 16, were representatives of the so-called "conservative coalition," which is backed by a member of the Republican party and his wife, who is part of the election headquarters of US President Donald Trump.

As the newspaper points out, representatives of Facebook said that they have no grounds to block the activities of groups calling for the lifting of the quarantine.

On April 16, USA Today reported that a day earlier, three US States - Michigan, Kentucky, and Utah - held protests demanding to ease the self-isolation regime and at least partially reopen businesses.

To date, about 2.3 million people have become infected with the new coronavirus, and about 160 thousand have died. According to the Johns Hopkins University, which makes calculations based on reports from the American authorities, who and other official sources, in the United States, almost 760 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were recorded, more than 40 thousand people died.

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