Placido Domingo breaks the silence as he harasses no-one

Placido Domingo breaks the silence as he harasses no-one ...

Placido Domingo, a Spanish opera star, spoke out in a newspaper interview on Friday about sexual harassment which had emerged two years ago, telling the newspaper El Mundo that he had done nothing wrong and that he regretted not speaking out sooner.

Domingo, 81, had acted inappropriately with female performers for the year 2020, according to reports from more than three dozen singers, dancers, musicians, voice teachers, and backstage staff.

In a statement at the time, he respected the women's decision to speak out and that he was "genuinely sorry" for the hurt I gave them.

The conclusions made Spain unable to perform tenor-turned baritone at public-funded theatres. Institutions in the United States, including the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the San Francisco Opera, also canceled planned engagements, and Domingo resigned as general director of the Los Angeles Opera.

The LA Opera conducted its own inquiry and found ten allegations about Domingo "glaubwurdig."

There has been no criminal action involving any of the accusations brought to court.

Domingo told El Mundo in an interview published on Friday that he never harassed anyone and that he believed that he had been convicted in the court of public opinion because he did not speak out.

"My biggest mistake I made was to stay silent for too much time," he said in written responses to questions from the paper. "For that reason I stood aside and kept my counsel while watching how, in an instant, many years of work and effort were erased.

Domingo added that his apologies never cited any wrongdoing. "Because I have never harassed anyone," he said.

According to AGMA's executive director, the investigation was untrue, but it contained a few minor things.

AGMA did not respond to a Reuters request for clarification. LA Opera said it had nothing to add to its following its investigation

After almost a year and a half of his duties, Domingo returned to Spain to perform in a charity concert in June.

He has performed in several countries since then and is expected to perform in Verdi's Nabucco in Spain in July.

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