What Was Jonah Seeping On The Computer Screen In Ozark That Freaked Him Out?

What Was Jonah Seeping On The Computer Screen In Ozark That Freaked Him Out? ...

Here are some of Netflix's most anticipated Ozark episodes.

Marty Byrde, a former right-handgal, has enlisted Marty and Wendy's son, Jonah, who is now a money-laundering chip off the old block in Season 4.

Ruth is definitely the brawn (and the mouth) in this team-up.

Unfortunately, for Jonah, this message popped up on his computer screen.

As the message indicates, one of Jonah's randomized accounts was reported for "suspected fraudulent activity." At Ruth's urging, Jonah calls in Marty, who's not at all worried. He knows how to tackle this sort of situation, and it takes Dad only a few minutes to reverse the deposit chain and delete the flagged account.

Marty may or may not be aware of Wendy being capable of doing so, but he does seem to be worried and attributes it to a tumultuous party. Jonah is pooked, but then he has a run-in outside Ruths motel room and learns that Wendy had stopped by for an unsolicited visit.

Wendy suggested that her son be arrested but it may seem difficult to believe at first if she was detained. hey, Wendy also gave the greenlight for the cartel to kill her brother, Ben. Wendys peeved that Jonah's defied her orders to quit helping Ruth. he'd serve no jail time (as a minor) if he was busted, and she wants both Jonah and Sofia to return to Chicago again and enjoy happiness-family life again.

'Ozark' is currently streaming on Netflix (Season 4, Part 1).

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