Subaru is already requesting a BRZ for 2022

Subaru is already requesting a BRZ for 2022 ...

If you want to get a dealer this year, you'll need to work with a dealer.

You missed your chance if you wanted to put in a specific order for a particular vehicle on Friday.

"The sold order allotment was met, but customers can go to a Subaru retailer to purchase a ticket," a spokesperson said. Subaru did not comment further when asked if higher-than-expected demand or may affect sports car production this year.

Anyone who did not place a specific order with the BRZ will have to look at local dealerships, as it may be difficult, to say the least. And dealership markups are all but certain for a new sports car like the BRZ, unfortunately.

Subaru is expected to build far less car this year due to supply-chain issues.

When the car arrives, it should appease drivers who want an affordable, fun-to-drive coupe. Our staff's had a few cracks at it, and each time it left editors.

Subaru BRZ in 2022 is all about having fun.

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